Psychological Science 2018, (3) 586-593 DOI:     ISSN: 0412-1961 CN: 21-1139/TG

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event-based prospective memory
low and high achieving pupils
target salience
task importance
prospective interference effect
CHEN Yao-Zhen*
XU Yan-Feng
LIU Jian-Rong
YANG Li-Xian
Article by Chen,Y.Z.*
Article by Xu,Y.F
Article by Liu,J.R
Article by Yang,L.X
Article by Lian,r

Effects of Target Salience and Task Importance on Prospective Memory and its Prospective Interference in Low and High Achieving pupils in math


Some studies have shown that low achieving pupils, especially low achievers in math report more prospective memory (PM) problems than high achievers. To explore how to improve their PM performance, and how target salience and task importance of PM affect PM performance in low achievers in math, the effects of target salience and task importance on PM and prospective memory were compared between low and high achieving pupils in math in the present study. Target salience (PM tasks with salient target vs. PM tasks with non-salient target) was manipulated as a within subject factor, and task importance of PM (importance emphasized vs. no importance emphasized) and achieving group (low vs. high achieving pupils in math) as between subject factors. Furthermore, to examine prospective interference to the ongoing task, every participants completed a set of baseline tasks without PM. The results suggest that high achieving pupils outperformed low achieving pupils in PM tasks. Salient targets improved PM performance. But emphasizing PM importance improved PM accuracy only in non-salient PM condition. According to the results, it is important to help low achievers to establish a salient target for their PM tasks. If the target can’t be salient, then emphasizing the importance of the PM tasks.

Keywords event-based prospective memory   low and high achieving pupils   target salience   task importance   prospective interference effect  
Received 2017-04-13 Revised 2017-12-25 Online: 2018-05-20 
Corresponding Authors: lian rong
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