Psychological Science ›› 2016, Vol. 39 ›› Issue (3): 621-627.

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Effect of Stress on College Students' Internet addiction

,Zheng-Qing ZHENG   

  • Received:2015-08-31 Revised:2016-02-18 Online:2016-05-20 Published:2015-06-20
  • Contact: Zheng-Qing ZHENG



  1. 江西师范大学
  • 通讯作者: 郑清

Abstract: As a new type of media and tools, the Internet has brought many conveniences to people's life,however, it has brought a lot of negative impact to people’s life at the same time. Among the negative effects the Internet has brought, Internet addiction is a typical one. Internet addiction greatly endangers college students’ health. It not only can influence college students’ cognitive function and physical function, but also can lead to serious college students’ psychological and behavioral problem (Deng, Fang, Wu, Zhang & Liu, 2013; Ozturk, Bektas, Ayar, Oztornac & Yagci, 2015; Zhou & Fang, 2015). The Internet addiction ratio of college student is quite high in our country. Therefore, researchers should pay more attention to college students' Internet addiction. It is very necessary to study the potential mechanisms of college students’ Internet addiction , so as to design prevention and intervention programs. Among many factors influencing college students’ Internet addiction, the role of stress has increasingly received attention from both practitioners and researchers over the past few years(Yan, Li & Sui, 2014; Lam & Wong, 2015).There is substantial literature documenting that stress has an important influence on college students’ Internet addiction, but little is known about the mediating mechanisms underlying this relation. Mediation tells us how the independent variable(stress) influence the dependent variable(college students’ Internet addiction), the present study constructed a chain mediation model to examine the effect of stress , anxiety and coping style on college students’ Internet addiction and the underling mechanisms. Specifically, the present study examined whether stress would be indirectly related to college students’ Internet addiction through anxiety and coping style. It is necessary to explore the mediation mechanism of the effect of stress on college students’ Internet addiction, the results can effectively prevent and control the Internet addiction of College students. To examine how stress influence college students’ Internet addiction, 341 college students(M=20.07 years,SD=1.58) of six schools were recruited in the study to complete self-report questionnaires. The self-report questionnaires were used in this study included stress scale, anxiety scale, coping style questionnaire and Internet addiction questionnaire.The questionnaire scale was used to assess with stress , the anxiety scale was used to assess anxiety. Copying style was assessed by the copying style questionnaire, college students’ Internet addiction was assessed by the Internet addiction questionnaire. The results indicated that: (1) anxiety mediated the effect of stress on college students’ Internet addiction; (2) coping style mediated the effect of anxiety on college students’ Internet addiction. The negative coping style served to partially mediate the association between anxiety and college students’ Internet addiction, but the positive coping style had no significant effect on the Internet addiction among anxiety and college students. Stress could directly influence college students’ Internet addiction, as well as through influence anxiety and the negative coping style, ultimately influence college students’ Internet addiction. Anxiety and the negative coping style played a chain mediating effect between stress and college students’ Internet addiction. The conclusion of the study had important reference value for prevention and intervention of college students’ Internet addiction.

Key words: stress, anxiety, coping style, Internet addiction

摘要: 为考察焦虑、消极应对方式和积极应对方式在压力与网络成瘾关系中的链式中介效应,使用压力量表、焦虑量表、应对方式量表和网络成瘾量对随机抽取的341名大学生表进行调查。研究显示:(1)焦虑中介了压力与大学生网络成瘾之间的的关系;(2)消极应对方式中介了焦虑与大学生网络成瘾之间的关系,而积极应对方式并未中介焦虑与大学生网络成瘾之间的关系。所以,焦虑和消极应对方式在压力与大学生网络成瘾之间起链式中介作用。

关键词: 压力, 焦虑, 应对方式, 网络成瘾