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30 Most Read Articles
1 The Relationship among University Students’ Mobile Phone Addiction and Mobile Phone Motive, Loneliness 2011 Vol.34(6):1453-1457
null [Abstract] (8891) [PDF 0KB] (823)
2 The Influence of Peer Acceptance on Personality Development in Primary School Students: Multilevel Mediation Effect of Friendship Quality 2012 Vol.35(1):93-99
[Abstract] (7660) [PDF 631KB] (4855)
3 Regulatory Emotional Self-Efficacy and Subjective Well-being:the Mediating Effect of Style of Emotional Regulation 2013 Vol.36(1):139-144
null [Abstract] (7435) [PDF 530KB] (3385)
4 Workplace Ostracism in China: The Moderating Effects of Gender on Psychological Health and Job Satisfaction 2011 Vol.34(3):686-691
[Abstract] (7011) [PDF 465KB] (7507)
5 A Research on Influencing Factors of Adolescent Emotional Resilience 2011 Vol.34(3):593-597
[Abstract] (6603) [PDF 441KB] (5459)
6 The Effect of Material Type and Color Typicality on Color-Object Stroop Effect 2012 Vol.35(3):619-623
Shao-Bei XIAO [Abstract] (6407) [PDF 0KB] (190)
7 Antisaccades and Its Experimental Paradigm, Mechanisms and Influence Factors 2012 Vol.35(1):16-23
Zhu DANG [Abstract] (6379) [PDF 1206KB] (2763)
8 The effects of career resilience on work performance and career satisfaction 2011 Vol.34(3):680-685
[Abstract] (6349) [PDF 527KB] (2470)
9 The Cultural Differences of Self-esteem 2012 Vol.35(1):2-8
[Abstract] (6320) [PDF 791KB] (5215)
10 The Relationship between Adolescent Immoral Behaviours on Internet and Parenting Style 2013 Vol.36(2):372-377
null [Abstract] (6281) [PDF 526KB] (2513)
11 Multiple Conflict-Driven Cognitive Control Mechanisms Based on Flanker、Stroop and Simon 2012 Vol.35(2):276-281
null [Abstract] (6142) [PDF 0KB] (276)
12 The development of middle school students’ self-evaluation and relationship between it and academic achievement 2011 Vol.34(3):619-624
[Abstract] (6092) [PDF 571KB] (3123)
13 Simulation study of the detection of measurement invariance and its influential factors for ordinal categorical data 2011 Vol.34(6):1482-1487
Chong LI [Abstract] (5962) [PDF 1483KB] (2242)
14 An event-related potential study of noun-verb ambiguous effect in Chinese 2011 Vol.34(3):546-551
null [Abstract] (5957) [PDF 533KB] (3973)
15 The Relationship among Perceived Social Support 、Self-esteem and Subjective Well-being of Contemporary Rural Migrant Workers 2011 Vol.34(6):1414-1421
[Abstract] (5911) [PDF 1991KB] (2752)
16 The Different Mediate Role of Locus of Control in the Relationship between Time Management Disposition and Procrastination of Arousal and Avoidance Types 2011 Vol.34(2):348-354
Qian Tian Shi-Chang DENG [Abstract] (5910) [PDF 525KB] (3842)
17 Modulation of self-face for visual spatial attention: Evidence from a Posner’s cueing paradigm 2012 Vol.35(1):24-29
[Abstract] (5903) [PDF 589KB] (2743)
18 Relationships among Interpersonal Competence, Academic Achievement and Developmental Contexts of Junior High School Students 2012 Vol.35(2):391-395
null [Abstract] (5854) [PDF 0KB] (199)
19 The Influence of Personality Traits,Family Environment on Middle School Students’Moral Judgment Competence 2011 Vol.34(3):664-669
[Abstract] (5798) [PDF 522KB] (3064)
20 Educational neuroscience: An Integrated approach to human Cognition and Learning 2010 Vol.33(3):514-
Hu Yi, Sang Biao [Abstract] (5675) [PDF 790KB] (4918)
21 Enhance or improve? A temporal construal approach 2012 Vol.35(2):264-269
[Abstract] (5615) [PDF 0KB] (551)
22 The Effect of Parenting Styles on Child’s later Anxiety: Cognitive Emotion Regulation Strategies and Masculinity Play the Role of Mediator 2011 Vol.34(6):1390-1396
null [Abstract] (5583) [PDF 0KB] (317)
23 Perfectionism and Attention to Imperfect Figures 2011 Vol.34(3):532-537
null [Abstract] (5565) [PDF 547KB] (5337)
24 Directed forgetting of emotional memories and its mechanisms 2012 Vol.35(1):50-55
[Abstract] (5556) [PDF 563KB] (3008)
The Influence of Varying SOA on the Number Distance Effect under the Conditions of Endogenous and Exogenous Attention
2010 Vol.33(3):521-
[Abstract] (5544) [PDF 621KB] (3910)
26 Adolescents’ Relationships with Mothers and Fathers and Their Effects on Depression 2011 Vol.34(6):1403-1408
null [Abstract] (5526) [PDF 0KB] (205)
27 The relationship between Emotional Labor and Depression/ Anxiety: Emotional Exhaustion as a mediator 2011 Vol.34(3):676-679
[Abstract] (5487) [PDF 392KB] (2849)
28 Cultural Neuroscience: A New Interdisciplinary Field 2011 Vol.34(3):514-519
Li Zhang [Abstract] (5373) [PDF 483KB] (6187)
29 Salience Influence Metaphor Comprehension:A ERP study 2011 Vol.34(3):527-531
null [Abstract] (5372) [PDF 460KB] (4180)
30 The Effect of Target Pre-exposure on Event-based Prospective Memory 2011 Vol.34(3):538-545
null [Abstract] (5224) [PDF 786KB] (5013)
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