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30 Most Down Articles
1 Daily hassles and Psychological Adjustment among freshmen: the Moderating Effect of Meaning in Life 2015 Vol.(1):123-130
null [Abstract] (2971) [PDF 1493KB] (12516)
2 The Load Effect on Short-term Memory Directed Forgetting: Evidence from an ERP Study 2015 Vol.(3):514-520
null [Abstract] (2773) [PDF 1115KB] (11700)
3 The Impact Mechanism of College Students’ Emotional Intelligence and Class Network on Adaptability: A Multilevel Mediation Model 2015 Vol.(3):618-624
null [Abstract] (3372) [PDF 593KB] (9846)
4 Workplace Ostracism in China: The Moderating Effects of Gender on Psychological Health and Job Satisfaction 2011 Vol.34(3):686-691
[Abstract] (7207) [PDF 465KB] (7550)
5 Moderation Effect Analysis Based Multiple Linear Regression 2015 Vol.(3):715-720
null [Abstract] (2654) [PDF 772KB] (6760)
6 2010 Vol.33(5):1026-1029
LI Qi-Wei [Abstract] (5242) [PDF 170KB] (6258)
7 Cultural Neuroscience: A New Interdisciplinary Field 2011 Vol.34(3):514-519
Li Zhang [Abstract] (5453) [PDF 483KB] (6253)
8 2014 Vol.37(5):1030-1038
[Abstract] (2253) [PDF 6961KB] (6034)
9 A Research on Influencing Factors of Adolescent Emotional Resilience 2011 Vol.34(3):593-597
[Abstract] (6716) [PDF 441KB] (5516)
10 Perfectionism and Attention to Imperfect Figures 2011 Vol.34(3):532-537
null [Abstract] (5677) [PDF 547KB] (5390)
11 2005 Vol.28(2):420-422
[Abstract] (1990) [PDF 137KB] (5302)
12 The Cultural Differences of Self-esteem 2012 Vol.35(1):2-8
[Abstract] (6529) [PDF 791KB] (5282)
13 Theory of Mind in Resilient Children 2011 Vol.34(3):581-587
null [Abstract] (4864) [PDF 662KB] (5115)
14 The Effect of Target Pre-exposure on Event-based Prospective Memory 2011 Vol.34(3):538-545
null [Abstract] (5309) [PDF 786KB] (5055)
15 Educational neuroscience: An Integrated approach to human Cognition and Learning 2010 Vol.33(3):514-
Hu Yi, Sang Biao [Abstract] (5763) [PDF 790KB] (4957)
16 The Influence of Peer Acceptance on Personality Development in Primary School Students: Multilevel Mediation Effect of Friendship Quality 2012 Vol.35(1):93-99
[Abstract] (7784) [PDF 631KB] (4880)
17 Types of Social Support of Junior Middle School Students and Their Influence on Learning 2011 Vol.34(3):608-612
gao bingcheng [Abstract] (5098) [PDF 457KB] (4865)
18 A research on undergraduate students’ narcissism and its relationship with mental adaptation 2011 Vol.34(5):1174-1177
[Abstract] (4466) [PDF 377KB] (4809)
19 Family Socioeconomic Status, Parental Investment and Migrant Children’s Academic Achievement in China 2015 Vol.(1):19-26
null [Abstract] (1858) [PDF 1507KB] (4780)
20 Creative Personality and Employee Creativity: A Moderated Mediation Model 2015 Vol.(3):700-707
null [Abstract] (2184) [PDF 814KB] (4755)
21 An Experimental Study on the Unstable Characteristics of Psychological Time on Space 2011 Vol.34(3):576-580
Ning-ning CAO [Abstract] (4451) [PDF 452KB] (4723)
22 The causes of Mirror writing and its underlying mechanisms 2011 Vol.34(3):552-557
null [Abstract] (5257) [PDF 605KB] (4714)
23 2011 Vol.34(4):920-924
[Abstract] (2661) [PDF 433KB] (4707)
24 The Development of Children’s Non-symbolic Calculation Ability of Whole-number and Fraction and its Relationship with Number Memory 2011 Vol.34(3):520-526
liu guofang [Abstract] (5285) [PDF 683KB] (4592)
25 Adolescents’ Interpersonal Competence, Social Inferiority and Mental Health: The Mediating Role of Social Adaptiveness 2015 Vol.(1):109-115
Yong-Xin Li [Abstract] (2312) [PDF 1289KB] (4587)
26 Achievement Motivation as predictors of Psychological Well-Being in college students 2015 Vol.(1):203-208
null [Abstract] (2576) [PDF 1190KB] (4506)
27 Eeffects of L2 Proficiency and Syntactic Similarity Between Chinese and English on L2 Syntactic Processing 2011 Vol.34(3):571-575
Jingjing Guo [Abstract] (4760) [PDF 484KB] (4494)
28 The Effect of Calling Orientations on Career Satisfaction: The Mediating Role of Career Resilience and the Moderating Role of Job Resources 2014 Vol.37(2):405-411
Shi HU [Abstract] (2876) [PDF 4753KB] (4426)
29 The more fluent the more beautiful?—exploration of abstract art aesthetic processing 2011 Vol.34(3):565-570
null [Abstract] (4695) [PDF 749KB] (4411)
30 Confidence judgment in social belief: a test of the Self-Consistency Model 2015 Vol.(3):658-665
null [Abstract] (1890) [PDF 559KB] (4389)
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