Psychological Science 2018, (3) 694-699 DOI:     ISSN: 0412-1961 CN: 21-1139/TG

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risk preferences
intergenerational transmission
meta - theory
YU Lin
WU Lin
Article by Yu,l
Article by Wu,l

Can Risk preferences Transmit in an Intergenerational Manner? —Multidisciplinary Evidence and Meta-theoretical Thinking


Risk preferences as a kind of stable psychological tendency to deal with the risk of individual, the endogeneity, heterogeneity and dynamic of risk preferences are gradually proved by multidisciplinary studies such as psychology, behavioral and experimental economics, and economic sociology. When discussing the intergenerational transmission of economic status and attitude, economists pay great attention to the above attributes and use them to deduce, expand, and prove the limited existence of the intergenerational transmission of risk preferences. Some important research results have created new research ideas and perspectives, a research framework and approach are basically set up, thus enabling the risk preferences study to shift from the horizontal perspective to the vertical perspective, from the dependent variable to the independent variable. The Specific performance as the connotation of intergenerational transmission of risk preferences changes from general risk to specific risk, extension extends from self-reported risk to real behavior risk, the specific mechanism of intergenerational transmission gradually deepens the concentration, and the joint research of other preferences intergenerational transmission gradually concerned. At present, there are still a limited number of research results, weak theoretical framework, different sources of data, lack of representation, more concentrated research, relatively single. And these limitations for the follow-up study to reserve a lot of space. In the future, people can continue to deepen and rich the theoretical connotation and framework mechanism of intergenerational transmission of risk preferences, improve and perfect the research paradigm and method of intergenerational transmission of risk preferences, expand the research content and practice of intergenerational transmission of risk preferences, open on and innovate perspective and thinking of intergenerational transmission of risk preferences. Thus enriching the whole research framework and content system of "risk preference" and "intergenerational transmission" in theory, and providing new vision and path for understand and respond to the wealth and income inequality, education, poverty and other major social issues in practice.

Keywords risk preferences   intergenerational transmission   meta - theory  
Received 2017-06-05 Revised 2017-12-04 Online: 2018-05-20 
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