Psychological Science ›› 2017, Vol. 40 ›› Issue (4): 934-940.

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The Effect of Submarine Environment on Crews’ Cognitive Function and Performance Ability


  • Received:2016-10-16 Revised:2017-02-21 Online:2017-07-20 Published:2017-09-21



  1. 1. 第二军医大学
    2. 海军92330部队
  • 通讯作者: 沈兴华

Abstract: Cognitive Function was a hot topic among the fields of brain sciences and psychological sciences. It was found that submarine environment was highly correlated with crews’ cognitive function. And performance ability was found to affected significantly. Work environments have important influence on the crews’ psychological health,the crews work environment should be improved so as to enhance their psychological health and ensure crews navigation safety.The purposes of this study were:(1) To compare the basic cognitive function, attention, understanding, memory between the crew and the shore diligent staff in submariner, and (2) To explore the effect of submarine environment on crews ’cognitive function and performance ability. This paper makes an analysis of the effect of the submarine environment on the crews’ cognition in the two type of submariners according to the related literatures. In this study,305subjects (divide into the crew and shore diligent staff) were investigated to measurement the reaction time, attention, understanding, memory and performance ability for submariners. The times of correct response of the crew at different posts to simultaneous sound-light reaction,progress in the sound-light reaction time,the time on targets and the time out of track of targets were detected by using attention distribution measuring instrument (EP701C) and attention focus measuring instrument(EP708A).The performance ability was detected by using hands coordination tester(EP711) and finger flexibility tester(EP109) respectively. Using Wechsler Adult Intelligence Scale(WAIS、Chinese Version )insight test of the subscales and memory scale revised images from memory test respectively for submariners individually measured. The results indicated that:(1) The two groups in the choice reaction time were significant difference, the submariner had more error in three voice response, especially bass sound, more than 5 years of multiphase sergeants were effect remarkable. And it indicated the submarines’ judgment also affected. (2) In the attention focus ability test, miss more, and less than 2 years of soldiers’ performance significantly, in the distribution of attention test, the submariner had more error in light, but with the increase of service time is not obvious influence. (3) The submariner comprehension understanding ability is poor, the boat on 5 years started damaged crew rather important period. (4) The submarines ’operating time of hands coordination and flexible fingers were shorter than diligent staff, but miss and drop more, so, submariner’s hands operation speed had been enhanced in the submarine post training, but because of the negative impact of the submarine environment needs to improve its accuracy. It was concluded that the submarine environment had directly influence on crews’ cognitive function and performance ability. It took an important role of on the improvement of crews’ attention、understanding and working accuracy. And on the submarine more than 5 years was an important episode,when understanding was affected or most likely to be affected. Considering the various negative psychological effects brought about by physical and social conditions in submarines,For the specificity and importance of the submarine environment, we must create a healthy and comfortable submarine environment for them, and cultivate to improve the submariners cognitive function and performance ability.

Key words: submariners, attention, understanding, memory, cognitive function, performance ability

摘要: 本研究运用基础心理实验仪器和国际标准的韦克斯勒成人智力、记忆量表(中国修订版),对海军某潜艇艇员和岸勤人员进行了部分认知功能和作业能力的逐个测量。通过对照研究,探讨了潜艇环境对艇员注意力、领悟力、记忆力和作业能力的影响特点。发现:(1)潜艇艇员选择反应时测验,对3种声音反应错误次数多,尤其是低音错误多,说明潜艇艇员的低音听觉和判断力受到了明显的影响,军龄大于5年的多期士官影响显著。(2)潜艇艇员注意集中能力测验,脱靶次数多,且只是军龄小于2年的士兵表现显著,注意分配能力测验中对光反应错误次数多,但随着军龄的增加影响不明显。(3)潜艇艇员领悟理解能力差,上艇5年以上是艇员领悟力开始受损的重要时期。(4)潜艇艇员双手协调和手指灵活用时较短,但出轨和掉针次数略多,艇员双手作业速度在潜艇的岗位训练中得到了增强,但因潜艇环境的不利影响其准确性有待提高。

关键词: 潜艇艇员, 注意力, 领悟力, 记忆力, 认知功能, 作业能力

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